Beagle Caught On Camera “Singing” And Playing Piano.

Beagle plays piano

Meet Buddy Mercury, a talented beagle who can sing and play piano better than most humans.


Buddy, a rescued pup, has earned legions of fans, thanks to his unique ability to tickle the ivory. We don’t know how Buddy managed to learn his craft, but it seems to come naturally. While performing, the furry maestro stands on his hind legs, presses the keys, and rhythmically howls. He puts together music that’s impressively in tune.

Buddy Singing

According to a segment on CBS, Buddy’s “dad,” Glen Wolfe, adopted him in 2016 and helped perfect his piano playing. But he only got the idea after Buddy showed interest.

“One day, he did it himself,” said Glen. “He chose to do it. I was in another room, and I hear the piano start playing all by itself. And I dove for my phone. I said, ‘What’s going on?’ I said, ‘It’s amazing!’ I just couldn’t believe it. My jaw hit the floor.”

Beagle Superstar Plays Piano All Over the Country

Glen knew Buddy was someone special. And he couldn’t keep the piano-playing beagle all to himself. So, he got the idea to put on concerts. Buddy now takes his musical talents on the road with his humans as a way of encouraging pet adoption

The sweet dog has appeared on several major shows over the years, including Good Morning America and The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. Glen donates the money he earns from said concerts to shelters around the country.

Buddy Mercury

Glen and his family also run a website that sells Buddy Mercury merchandise. Proceeds from the sales help other dogs find their “forever homes.”

Don’t just take our word on Buddy, though. He has an entire Instagram page filled with videos of his concerts. One of his best performances was captured in September. It has over 4,000 likes today, and we hope more people get a chance to witness the canine’s greatness.

Watch below to hear Buddy the Beagle sing and play the piano like a true virtuoso.

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