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Friends Play Darn Tootin’ Good Joke On Tourist During His First Visit To America

Left image shows a Texas Roadhouse sign above the front doors. Right image shows a man dressed as a cowboy walking into the restaurant.

Americans are a funny lot, and many enjoy a good practical joke. A group of friends pulled off an epic tourist prank on a friend visiting the country for the first time. The group wanted to show their friend a good time, so they opted for an all-American dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Great food, wonderful atmosphere, and an opportunity for the perfect prank. They told their friend that one person in the group had to dress as a cowboy, or they wouldn’t get served. Their friend bought in on the prank.

We’re unsure if the visitor had help selecting his outfit, but he did nail the look. He sported relaxed-fit blue jeans, a bandana around the neck, and an awesome cowboy hat. When he arrived, he was rocking the look and wearing it proudly. He even got the belt with an oversized buckle. There are a few slightly questionable inclusions, though.

Images show a man in a cowboy outfit. Friends played a tourist prank on a friend visiting the US for the first time, telling him he had to dress like a cowboy to eat at Texas Roadhouse.
Image from TikTok.

Two things that stood out to us were the steer emblem on the hat and the six-pointed sheriff’s star on the vest. The vest is outdated for modern cowboy attire but would have been fashionable decades ago. The bolo tie was a nice touch, but like the bandana, it was unnecessary.

Left image shows the "steer" emblem on a cowboy hat. Right image shows a six-pointed sheriff's star worn on an old-style vest.
Image from TikTok.

For a tourist prank, this was a pretty good one. It is uncertain if the pranksters managed to embarrass their visiting friend as much as they intended. He looked perfectly comfortable and at ease in his attire. Whether the man knew about the prank or not, he gets an A-plus grade for the effort. The man attempted to make the outfit look somewhat authentic.

Pranks can be hilarious. If this tourist prank made you laugh, please share it with friends.

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