Airport Security Has Uniquely Hilarious Request For Guest Passing Through

During an airport security check, the TSA agent pranks a passenger into doing the robot.

Since September 11, 2001, our airport security has been no joke. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) enacted stringent requirements for airport passengers. The lines are long as individuals pass through the mandatory metal detector. Who can blame the TSA agents when they opt to have a little fun with unsuspecting passengers?


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The TSA agent’s maniacal laugh is more fun than watching the passenger do the robot. We might wonder who set this passenger up for the prank. It was probably the person holding up the camera recording the whole thing! Such was the case when another unsuspecting gentleman had his bag searched at a checkpoint. His travel companions set him up for this airport security joke.

Unless you have TSA pre-check, it is recommended that you arrive at the airport at least two hours before your scheduled departure. The lines for airport security are no joke.


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If you have used air travel recently, you know how tight the lines can be. The TSA is aware of the time-consuming process and is making future changes to speed things up for passengers. The TSA pre-check program is one way to skip the long lines. In Las Vegas, the TSA is testing new self-service screening technology. The verdict is still out on this new technology, but if the TSA sees positive results, you may see it in the near future.


The TSA is testing self-service screening technology to expedite #airport security checks. The setup aims to be similar to a normal #TSA checkpoint, but with fewer agents and more streamlined operations. #security #technology #travel #news

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Until that happens, we have airport security jokes to lighten the mood in long lines. Meanwhile, this dog is practicing to be a TSA agent by searching their grocery bags with a well-trained (not) nose. He hopes to join the airport staff when he grows up.

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