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Baby’s Reaction To His First “Happy Birthday” Song Is Hilarious — And Strangely Relatable

A baby face-plants into the tray table on his first birthday.

Usually, people don’t dread celebrating their birthday until well into adulthood, but this baby is getting started early! When Mom and Dad threw their son Teddy his first b-day party, his reaction was… unexpected. As guests sang the traditional “Happy Birthday” song, the 1-year-old buried his face in the tray table of his high chair. His parents were clearly confused by the little boy’s response!

Maybe this baby was embarrassed by everyone’s attention during the birthday song. Or, perhaps he sank into a sudden depression when he realized that he’d squandered the first year of his life. Whatever the reason for Teddy’s dramatic faceplant, commenters couldn’t help but chuckle at the child’s unusual antics.

“The ultimate introvert move,” one person joked. “Fake your own death.”

“The existential dread starts early,” added another.

However, one user may have actually cracked the code behind this baby’s immediate need to fling himself face-first onto the table during his birthday party.

A baby face-plants into the tray table on his first birthday.
Screengrab from TikTok

“Oh no Teddy was feeling quite overwhelmed I think,” wrote the commenter.

Monica, the little boy’s mom, wrote back, “Spot on!”

Thankfully, the dad in the video was quick to place a comforting hand on the child’s back. In another clip, it looks like Teddy eventually recovered enough to start grabbing at the cake with his hands. We’re glad this baby enjoyed some of his birthday party, even if the singing wasn’t his favorite!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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