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Friendly Golden Retriever Follows Google Maps Photographer, Photobombs 1,000 Pics

A golden retriever sitting patiently in the woods.

There are many different roads to fame, but this golden retriever chose the unusual route of… Google Maps celebrity? When a street view photographer traveled through the island of Jukdo in the Sea of Japan, he found himself accompanied by a friendly pooch. If you look through the pictures of the scenic location, you’ll see over 1,000 images with the same adorable dog in the background! According to The Mirror, her name is Maru.

A Reddit user shared a post about the golden retriever, stating that she had graced a number of Google Maps photos with her presence. However, this was only half-true. You’ll actually find the pooch on a different resource: Kakao Maps. The photos are pretty great!

Some commenters on Reddit responded that the pooch is something of a local legend among residents on Jukdo! One person added that she has a reputation for being “super friendly to tourists and locals.”

An Instagram post showcases a few of the street view photos where the adventurous golden retriever makes an appearance. In these pictures, it almost looks like she’s giving the photographer her tour of the island!

This golden retriever’s street view photos are way too cute!

You can click through the carousel to see some of the pictures, but there was a common complaint on this post from other Instagram users. They wanted to see the rest of the pictures featuring the golden retriever!

“Excuse me that’s only three you’ve shown there please add in the rest 997,” one person joked.

“We need the whole 1000 please,” said another. “We will wait.”

However, one user really came through for all of us! They shared this link, which allows you to follow along Maru’s trail on Kakao Maps. We could totally spend the rest of the day looking through all her photos!

Although this golden retriever may not actually be a Google Maps celebrity, she still has quite the claim to fame with her photo series. It seems like every day there’s a new reason to love dogs!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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