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“Four Months Ago My Son Met A 9 Month Pregnant Girl And Fell In Love…”

A pregnant woman and man smile as they pose outside at night soon after they stared dating. A sunset can be seen in the distance.

Life doesn’t always turn out the way we expect — but that’s not always a bad thing. The family in the video below is the perfect example of this. In it, we learn about a young woman who was pregnant when she started dating a man named Riley. Although she was already nine months along, that didn’t deter him from getting to know her. In fact, they quickly fell in love.

Only two weeks into their relationship, she gave birth to her son. Still, the bond between Riley, his girlfriend, and her baby was undeniable. Understandably, Riley’s family was a bit nervous about how quickly their relationship was going. But, in the end, they gave him all of their support… and life couldn’t be better! In fact, Riley’s mom made a heartwarming video recounting their sweet story.

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“God brought them to us to love, to teach, to direct, and not judge,” Cici shares. “In this family we don’t have steps. We are just family, no questions asked.”

Dating a Pregnant Woman Changes This Young Man’s Life in the Best Way

Cici’s support for Riley’s decisions, in part, comes from her own similar experience. A key difference is that Cici wasn’t just dating the father of her child while pregnant — they were married. Sadly, he left them both. Then, when Riley was a little over a year old, a guy named Matt entered their lives and changed everything.

Riley lays on his side on a bed next to his newborn son. The baby is laying on his back, a pacifier in his mouth. Riley smiles.

It’s no wonder, then, she understands why Riley would choose the path he has in life.

“Does it scare me? Lord, yes!” Cici admits. “But I’m here for it… after all, what if Matt didn’t take a chance on Riley and me?”

By sharing their story, countless others feel seen and hopeful for their own future!

Riley and his mom, Cici, smile while sitting. Riley's girlfriend squats behind him and smiles. Cici holds their sleeping baby.

“My fiancé and his family did the same thing with my daughter,” one person writes in the comments. “Her daddy left me when I was pregnant. He’s been there ever since. It’s a blessing to have man like this.”

“As a single mom I pray I find a man with a family like this,” another shares. “They’re so blessed to have found you guys.”

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