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Like Magic: Boiling Water Instantly Turns To Vapor In Frigid Siberia.

man prepares to throw boiling water in siberia

Dmitry Klimensky has gotten a lot of attention for transforming a pot of boiling water into a thick cloud of vapor just by tossing it off his balcony in Siberia. This might sound like an elaborate magic trick, but it’s not. There’s actually a scientific reason for this phenomenon! Apparently, this is what happens to boiling water when exposed to fridid temperatures.

Newsweek explains that, in extremely cold air, boiling water turns to steam very quickly. Next, it turns to ice and snow, which is what caused the dramatic white cloud in Dmitry’s YouTube video.

A thick cloud of water vapor on a cold day.
Screengrab from Dmitry Klimensky/YouTube

“I never thought some simple school physics would get so much attention,” he joked in his caption.

You might think, “Hey, that sounds like a neat trick. I should try that in my backyard next time it’s cold out.” We cannot express to you how bad of an idea that is. While the boiling water in the video immediately turns into steam, you could still get burned in the process. How about making yourself a nice, hot cup of tea instead?

Watch the video below to see Dmitry turn boiling water into vapor in this mesmerizing science experiment!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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