Footage Of Newborn Great White Shark Caught On Camera For The First Time.

great white shark

A nature photographer has dedicated countless hours to filming sharks and studying their reproduction. No newborn great white sharks have ever been caught on camera — until maybe, now.


Carlos Guana has poured his life’s work as a wildlife photographer into videotaping and photographing sharks. Now, he may have answered one of the greatest shark mysteries of all time.

This video, made by Carlos, explains that female sharks gather annually. Many are pregnant when they come, but few are pregnant when they leave.

He caught a video of a shark moving into the deep sea and, some time later, a white shark emerged from the depths that had never been seen before.

Carlos believes this may be a newborn great white shark.

Now, the research process takes a long time. In his thoughtful Instagram caption, Carlos explained that there are two hypotheses about this potential baby great white shark.

“One, that it is in fact a newborn white shark, and two, that it may be a shark with a skin condition.”

Now, Carlos has published a peer-reviewed paper with PhD candidate Phillip Sternes on his shark findings.

What an exciting discovery!

baby great white shark
This image is from TikTok.

The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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