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Wildlife Photographer Wades Through Thick Mud To Save Stranded Eagle’s Life.

image of wildlife photographer krzysztof chomicz crawling in mud to rescue a baby eagle and that same baby eagle clean after being rescued

Wildlife photographers are known for capturing images of some of the most stunning creatures, but Krzysztof Chomicz caught the world’s attention by rescuing one.

He was taking some photos in Poland when he noticed a baby eagle in the middle of a large, muddy area. The mud was incredibly thick, leaving the helpless bird barely able to move much less fly away. Rescuing it would not only be difficult but very dangerous, something Krzysztof didn’t mind at all.


With the help of local firefighters, the photographer was attached to a rope so he could slowly making his way to the eagle. The rope especially came in handy when it was time for Krzysztof and his new friend to return to land. Once the eagle was free from the mud, wildlife rescuers took over so the tired baby bird could get cleaned and fed before transferring it over to a wildlife refuge.

Watch the baby eagle get rescued below, and don’t forget to share!

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