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Girl Attempts To Practice Flute, But Napping Dog Interrupts with Hilarious Protest!

girl with flute laughing at sleeping dog

You may not think that your dog is paying attention to your tunes, but we’ve seen time and time again that dogs can be surprisingly¬†interested in music! Remember the guy who wrote a song about his Pit Bull and sang it to him? The sweet Pit had the cutest reaction to his master! How about the woman who just wanted to listen to some Michael Jackson in the car, but her goofy dog kept singing over the music in a hilarious video?

Once again, we’re seeing a dog reacting strongly to music. But this time, it’s not in a good way!

In the video below, a young girl films herself practicing a song on the flute while her trusty dog sleeps behind her. As she plays, her song is interrupted by a soft groan. At first, it’s unclear where the sound is coming from, but as the sound gets louder it becomes clear… it’s the dog!

The dog continues to moan while she plays, almost as if he’s saying “Not this song again!”

Anyone who has had to suffer while listening to their child or sibling practice a new instrument knows this dog’s pain.

Check out the hilarious video below. You’re definitely going to want to turn the sound of for this one!

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