Musician Serenades Pitbull With Original Song, Dog So Happy He Won’t Stop Hugging.

Way back in 2008 a video emerged on YouTube that is one of the cutest we've ever seen. The clip starred a fledgling singer/songwriter named Shane singing a ditty to the love of his life... but it was no human crush that he serenaded. The star of the song was one other than Shane's beloved pit bull Doogie. The snow white Pitty has just about the sweetest nature we've ever seen, and it's obvious he loves his human with all his little heart. The video starts with Shane telling Doogie "I'm gonna sing you a song." To our disbelief and the adorable little guy jumped up on Shane's shoulders just waiting for the music to begin. Shane plays a simple chord progression and began singing his ode to Doogie. Here's an excerpt of the adorable lyrics: "Doogie I love you. I love  the way you snuggle me at night. Doogie I need you. I love the way you smile at me when I'm home. Doogie would you like a cookie? Doogie would you like to go outside?" At this point Doogie starts licking Shane's face... and the cuteness is just too much. Check out their viral video below! Share and spread some smiles.
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