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“What Not to Wear” Hosts Turn Clownish Flight Attendant Into Classic Beauty.

When they first met her on Season 8 of “What Not To Wear,”makeover gurus Clinton Kelly and Stacy London just really didn’t seem to know what to make of Denise. The flight attendant had a penchant for pink, platinum blonde hair, short skirts, lots and lots of sequins, and probably strong perfume that surrounded her like a mushroom cloud.

“It seems that you’ve developed this character, that you’re playing this role of Denise,”Clinton noted rather astutely.


“Sort of like, okay, she’s doing the kind of bubble-headed bimbo look,”Stacy added.

As it turns out, they were right. Denise basically echoed their words while she was seated in wardrobe, saying she didn’t really know who she was, but hoped to learn more about herself during the makeover process.


Well that’s exactly what Clinton and Stacy hoped to accomplish, but the first order of business was doing something about her entire wardrobe. It full of skimpy and sequined outfits, which frankly seemed more appropriate for clubbing or lounging atop a grand piano than everyday wear. Instead, Stacy told her, she needed to invest in some clothing that said something about her “other than ‘provocative.’â€

So into the circular file they went.


And the overly done makeup? Yeah, some changes needed to me made there, too. But when it was all said and done … well, her friends’ reactions say it all:


“This process was amazing,”Denise said afterward. “It opened my eyes up to so many things I didn’t know. I’m definitely going to return to Denise-ilicious … Maybe my poof doesn’t have to be as big or my eyelashes that thick at the end of the day.â€

Watch the incredible transformation from “bubble-headed bimbo”to class act in the video below.

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