25 Gorgeous Pups Who Won The “Flattering Dog Photo Challenge” — And Our Hearts

We think all dogs are beautiful in their own way, but just like humans, some are more photogenic than others.


We recently met some pups whose owners happened to catch them in the most hilarious, unflattering moments. The “Unflattering Dog Photo Challenge” was a big hit, but now people are eager to show off the best pictures of their canine companions to prove how gorgeous they really are!

1. Let’s start with this 3-month-old Dalmatian named Kota Blu.

2. Is this a dog or a supermodel?

3. A rescued German shepherd named Salem went from rags to riches.

4. “Lady wants everyone to know that she’s always down for a good pawty!”

5. Yes, Bane is as big as he looks. This Alaskan malamute weighs 120 pounds!

6. Zigi’s owner said this is the best picture she ever took of him. He was 10 years old here.

7. “This is Carl. He was overlooked time and time again for adoption because he was ‘weird looking.’ I think he is the most handsome boy in the world and I tell him every day.”

8. “We adopted Daisy from the rescue last month. She was abandoned and neglected and in really rough shape. She had never been inside a house.”

9. Rocco is showing off his Halloween spirit.

10. That face! What a sweetie.

11. Splinter and Hammer just met a week ago and they’re already BFFS (and nap buddies).

12. Here’s Ellie somehow upstaging Lake Tahoe.

13. It might take a while for Sir Ottis Braveheart to grow into his name.

14. So sleek, so pensive… she’s ready for her “Vogue” cover.

15. The Berry Buddies (don’t worry, they didn’t eat the grapes).

16. Her name is Queen Beef, but sometimes she goes by Chia Beef.

17. Ezra the Bouvier is 4 months old and rocking his new haircut.

18. Vroom vroom! Meet Chevy, Mercedes, and Ford.

19. Juniper looks right at home in this natural setting.

20. Tank would like to wish you a happy Howl-oween.

21. No one has ever taken a photo this good of us, but we’re not jealous. Much.

22. Clarice likes to wear a bow when she’s feeling feisty.

23. “I thought I bought a dog but I think I ended up with a piggy. Say hello to Wilbur!”

24. Here’s Rockette showing off her “resting smiley face.”

25. Meanwhile, this husky is working those “angry eyebrows.”

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but to us, all dogs are gorgeous! Thank you to everyone who participated in the “Flattering Dog Photo Challenge.” We’ve got some serious pupper envy right now!

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