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10 Times The Canine “Rescued Boys” Got Dressed Up And Made The Internet Fall In Love

Rescue dogs are a joy to be around, and Ziggy, Bruce, Dale, and Joey are all proof!

Their humans, Anna Schwab and Ethan Schillinger, have fostered many animals over the years, but when it came to these four, they just couldn’t say goodbye. These days, the brothers serve as furry ambassadors for other critters… when they’re not busy modeling for Mom!

Prepare to fall in love as you check out 10 pictures of the precious pups below, including their adorable Halloween costumes!

1. Meet “the rescued boys,” four sweet pups between the ages of 4 and 9.

2. Each of them was rescued from a different situation, but they all share a special bond.

3. “All of our boys are always usually together,” Anna said. “They love each other like brothers.”

4. They enjoy posing for the camera almost as much as they love each other’s company!

5. Their mom believes a happy dog is a mentally stimulated dog, so she trains her boys to hold specific poses and snaps pictures to share on Instagram.

6. “When I dress our boys up, I am challenging their minds to stay put, to balance, to think about what I am asking of them,” Anna explained.

7. “Dogs need a job. This is theirs. They are dressed up for about 30 seconds to a minute and they get so excited to do their job.”

8. When fall rolled around this year, they had a blast trying on Halloween costumes! They dressed up as characters from “The Wizard of Oz”…

9. …”Winnie the Pooh”…

10. … “Super Mario” and more!

Halloween isn’t even here yet and these costumed cuties have already stolen thousands of hearts! It doesn’t get much more adorable than this.

Check out more of their trick-or-treat attire in the video below, and share the smiles with your friends.

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