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25 Pups Who Won The “Unflattering Dog Photo Challenge” Without Even Trying

Let’s face it: We’re not all cut out to be supermodels. Some people love cameras, while others can’t take a decent picture to save their lives.

Thanks to a new trend called the “Unflattering Dog Photo Challenge,” we now know the same can be said for our furry friends. Whether the camera caught them mid-blink, pre-sneeze, or half asleep, the result is the same. Each of these hilariously bad images is enough to make us laugh out loud!

1. They were the best dogs in their humans’ wedding, but “they were not camera ready.”

2. Whoops! Caught her doing Pilates on the sofa again.

3. Moose the rottie is keepin’ it weird.

4. Kobe really likes balloons. Like, a lot.

5. “Honestly it’s more challenging to get a flattering pic of this goofball!”

6. Here’s Lu just hanging around, doing Lu things.

7. “Photos you’re tagged in vs photos you post.”

8. Landshark Gracie, AKA the “overbite queen.”

9. Ruthie the foster dog is excited to meet her forever family.

10. The derp is strong in this good boi.

11. Charles is an “odd fellow,” and this is his favorite sleeping position.

12. Bacon the dog just wanted some fresh air.

13. Yes, he was audibly snoring in case you were wondering.

14. Lookin’ good, buddy!

15. We don’t think we’ve ever been this relaxed.

16. It’s all fun and games until someone catches your angry face on camera.

17. He’s not a big fan of swimming. Or water in general.

18. This isn’t even a bad angle, it’s just how he is.

19. Nothing to see here, just a husky who’s about to become airborne.

20. You’ll get it next time, champ.

21. “She woke up like this.”

22. Phil was about to sneeze.

23. “Paranoid? Moi?”

24. Why so worried, big guy?

25. Action photos are always his downfall.

We don’t care how dopey they look because they’re all adorable! Considering all the unflattering pictures that exist of us, we’d say these pups are still winning the modeling game.

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