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felicia shave legs

Don’t Settle Until You Find The One Worth Shaving Your Legs For.

And even once you find him, your legs won’t always be smooth and silky.

My 20s are over (thank goodness) and so are my overly pleasing ways. Unless you’re worth it, and I mean really worth it, I’m not going to slave over cupcakes that I dabble your initials on for you. I’m not going to run out on date night and buy the perfect outfit to impress you. I’m not going to join the gym so I can look better for you. I’m sure as heck not going to make sure my legs are always smooth either. Why? Because I’m tired.

That’s all work. And I have too many other things to do for myself.

I have stories to write. I have networks to build. I have a day job that makes me extra-tired when I have to tackle all of my other goals after signing out each day. I spend my mornings taking quick showers to beat rush hour, so when I have the option for a long weekend shower, I sure don’t want to spend it working extra-hard for you.

Unless you’re worth it. When you’re worth it, though, I don’t have to work extra-hard. I can just be. I can accidentally forget the cupcakes because I already have you and I don’t have to prove how special I am. I can wear yoga pants because not every night involves me dressing to the nines to prove I’m pleasing to your eyes. Whether I make the gym or not, it doesn’t matter to you because you think my soul is where my beauty lies.

I’m not saying I will never shave my legs (although I do have my days). I’m not saying I bare all when it’s summer. But, what I am saying is that I don’t want to work extra-hard to impress you if you’re not the one. And well, even if you are the one, you will understand that not every night will be met with Gillette.

You must be a stellar man for me to exert all of that energy. You must be top-notch.  You must be the most loyal, and die-hard Felicia fan in order for me to jump through hoops and bounds to make you smile. Otherwise, this 30-something-year-old is tired and she’s loving herself more. And you know what’s a tad better some nights than being cuddle up to a man with your silky smooth legs? Being cuddled up to yourself with your favorite old-time sitcom, the whole bed to yourself, and hairy legs.

Yes, hairy legs.

Hairy legs mean you don’t have to please anyone. Hairy legs mean no one is around to judge you or size you up if you didn’t have the energy to beautify yourself. Hairy legs mean you’re extra warm at night. Hairy legs mean you get the bed all to yourself. And hairy legs mean you are doing more for yourself than anyone else. If you want to shave them, great, but the point is this: Don’t feel as though you must for someone else.

Quit going the extra mile to prove you are worth it to another person. Quit dressing to impress others. When we exert energy trying to prove anything, we quickly grow tired, and we grow used to always wondering what others think of us.

So, unless he already sees your worth, don’t strive so hard to impress him or make certain you’re perfect. Because, girl, you are.