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15 Babies With The Most Heart-Melting Belly Laughs You’ve Ever Heard

A two-photo collage. The first shows a dad assisting his baby boy in playing a kid drum set; the kid is laughing. The second is a closeup of a baby laughing hard as he sits in a store's cart.

If laughter is the best medicine, babies are the guaranteed cure for whatever ails you. Think about it: Is there anything more contagious than the sweet sound of belly laughs from a baby? Their unfiltered joy is pure food for the soul.

These next 15 videos prove that LOL is not just Internet slang or the latest craze in pint-sized fashion dolls. In fact, we’re quite certain you’ll be laughing out loud, right along with these adorable babies. So, go ahead. Indulge in some calorie-free soul food. And just try to keep a straight face!

1. Scrat from “Ice Age” has this baby in stitches.

We can’t decide who’s laughing harder in this video, happy baby or proud momma? Either way, we love to watch and hear their joyful expressions!

2. Grocery cart baby goes “bye-bye!”

This little boy just can’t keep it together when mom pushes him away in the grocery cart, saying “Byeeee!” His carefree laughter makes us wish we could hop on and take a ride!

3. Cuddles and laughs with mom and dad!

Despite the exhausting demands of parenting multiples, this mom and dad clearly take time to rejoice in their little ones. If you love to hear a baby laugh, try listening in stereo sound!

4. Little drummer boy can’t control his laughter.

Playing the drums with dad always leads to uncontrollable laughter from this baby boy. Fortunately, dad is up for the challenge and loves to hear his little drummer boy laugh with wild abandon!

5. Torn paper puts baby in hysterics.

Who needs a paper shredder when dad’s around? And hey, can we try that?

6. Baby chuckles at the magic of bubbles.

The entire room is in hysterics at the sight (and sound) of baby chuckling while a woman blows bubbles. Even when the bubble doesn’t quite make it through the wand, baby continues to laugh and bring the house down!

7. Nothing is funnier than scaring your big brother! According to this adorable baby, anyway.

This baby boy delights in jumping out from the corner and saying “BOO” to his big brother. Being the good sport that he is, big brother responds by shouting back which, naturally, causes him to dissolve in giggles once more!

8. Upside down letters? Peak comedy.

Is there a better way to learn the alphabet than at home with foam letters and a devoted teacher? As dad turns the letter “M” into the letter “W” and changes his voice, this little guy just can’t stop laughing!

9. The sweetest (and funniest) affirmations.

No matter what dad tells her, she can’t help but giggle!

10. Drinking from a glass is a gas for this giggly baby.

Whether it was the novelty of drinking from a glass or someone was simply in a silly mood, this baby couldn’t be happier about everything that’s happening in this moment.

11. Storytime tickles baby’s funny bone.

Every time the word “boo” comes up in the story, there are more giggles from this precious baby girl. Dad continues to tickle baby’s funny bone by repeating it over and over again to hilarious results!

12. Who doesn’t think the Law of Gravity is funny?

This little one, hands down, has the most addictive belly laugh we’ve ever heard. While mom tosses what appears to be a toy ice cream scoop up in the air and tries to catch it in the cone, this baby explodes with infectious laughter!


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13. Baby thinks rap-star dad is a riot.

Not every dad is a comedian, then again, even fewer dads can lay claim to being a professional rapper. While dad tries to deliver an original rhyme, his baby boy keeps cracking up and eventually they both give in to spontaneous laughter!

14. Baby hears the word “boo” and loses it.

Apparently, “boo” is code for “laugh your patootie off” in baby talk. We love to watch this baby boy jolt and erupt in sidesplitting laughter each time his dad repeats the word!

15. Playing with food is too funny for this baby.

Many of us have been told to not play with our food, but this dad throws stuffy manners out of the window in order to amuse his baby girl. Needless to say, it was worth it.

We are so inspired by these innocent babes and their extraordinary ability to see the world through fresh eyes and find humor in everyday circumstances!

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