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Guilty French Bulldog Eats Mom’s Makeup & The Confrontation Is Hysterical.

Ferrari is clearly a very naughty little French bulldog. But if she could speak – in a way we could understand, anyway – she’d probably place the blame squarely on Mom.

Because Mom knows her adorable little pooch has a habit of getting into things she shouldn’t, particularly when she’s bored. Like, there was that time Mom left half a juicy watermelon out in plain sight, so she dug and dug until she made a cozy little niche for herself.

ferrari watermelon

That probably made Mom mad, but she obviously thought it was cute because she whipped out her camera and shared the photo on Twitter. So when Mom left a bunch of makeup out on her desktop last fall and left Ferrari alone in the room… well, that’s on Mom, first of all. Sure, she’d get mad, but not so mad that she wouldn’t  find the whole episode at least a little bit adorable. I mean, who could stay mad at a face like this?


In the video below, you can almost hear Mom’s stomach drop as she slowly enters the room, panning the camera across the carnage like she’s happened on a crime scene.


Several compacts lay askew, wide open, and the right side of her white bedspread is covered with splotches of skin-toned concealer. And guess who’s sitting in the thick of it all?


“You’re kidding, Ferrari … You don’t steal someone’s highlighter, girlfriend. Especially not your mom’s. Come ON!”


Erm. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all.

If you’ve ever owned a dog (or have children, for that matter), you know exactly how betrayed Ferrari’s mom feels, but at the same time, you can also understand why she filmed the whole thing and decided to share it.

Watch Ferrari get caught in the act in the video below, and share with all your dog-loving friends!

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