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Farmer Spots Strange Creatures Under Hen, Can’t Stop Laughing When She Stands Up.

Pretty much everything a mother animal does with her babies is indescribably adorable, whether she’s feeding them or grooming them or just quietly curled up with them for a sorely needed nap.

Of course, all those maternal instincts that make us go “awwww”almost always involve mothers tending to their own offspring. But prepare yourself for a pleasant surprise, because as you’ll see below, some mamas have more than enough love to go around.


Redditor almostparallel76 posted this short clip earlier this week, and it starts innocently enough. The camera zooms in on a chicken sitting on a pile of hay, with various barnyard animals making a cacophony of noises in the background.

Oh, that’s nice, you think, figuring the videographer’s just showing off her brilliant plumage or something. But about five seconds in, she starts to get up…


Wait. Chicks don’t have furry, triangle-shaped ears. Those are kittens! And not just a couple, but five of them!

Wh… wha… HEY! Someone get the light! I’m trying to sleep here!


Viewers, of course, had a field day with this one…


We don’t know whether mama cat’s gone AWOL or if this chicken’s just babysitting until she gets back with some grub, which some viewers have suggested. But all that speculation’s beside the point. The real message here is that moms know it’s part of their job to keep the kiddos safe and warm and comfortable, even if they aren’t her kiddos.

So, think the kittens all got kicked outside to get some fresh air and play? Find out what happens next down below, and share to warm some hearts!

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