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Family Spots Baby Bunny Being Mistreated While On Vacation, And Hops Into Action!

A tiny baby bunny fits in a woman's hand.

When this family took a trip to Cabo, they had no idea they’d be rescuing a baby bunny during their vacation! Sawyer Kieler shared the sweetest video on TikTok about how her mom decided to take home the fuzziest souvenir from the beach. Apparently, this family of tourists was soaking up the sun when they saw a small animal in trouble. They immediately stepped in to rescue the baby bunny from being abused!

However, the story didn’t end there. Sawyer and her family were smitten with the tiny creature, eventually bringing him back to their hotel room. From there, they ended up adopting the little guy and taking him all the way to their home in Arizona! Now, this rescued baby bunny is living his best life in a loving household.


We would’ve done it with or without the tequila shots… welcome home 🐰🧡🥕 #fyp #animalrescue #bunny #bunnyrescue #endanimalcrulety #rabbitrescue #mangodeck

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It’s amazing to see how quickly this little rabbit became comfortable with his new family. Even before they reached their destination, he was snuggling up with Mom as if he’d known her his entire life. Commenters gushed over this cute baby bunny and the kind humans who rescued him!

“Bunnies are truly the most loving animals and they 100% know when they were rescued,” wrote one user. “Just ask mine.”

“Omg,” said another, “Thank you for rescuing this precious baby.”

A tiny baby bunny fits in a woman's hand.
Screengrab from TikTok

We’re so glad that this family stepped in when they did! This rescued baby bunny now has a chance at a comfortable and happy life.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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