Fisherman Rescues Waterlogged Bald Eagle, Nicknames Her “Fred”

Close up of a soaking wet bald eagle stares into the camera.

Words aren’t always needed in order to communicate. That’s what a fisherman in Arkansas learned when they encountered a bald eagle last year. They were enjoying nature when, suddenly, the bird caught their eye. Upon closer inspection, the poor creature was wounded. And so this fisherman’s mission to rescue this helpless bald eagle began!

At first, the fisherman didn’t intervene. Instead, they simply watched as the bald eagle struggled to catch a salmon. In her attempt, the bird got too wet to continue. Instead, she gave up. That’s when the fisherman knew their help was needed.

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“She was exhausted and couldn’t fly, so I caught her a salmon,” the fisherman shares.

While the hungry bird enjoyed her meal, the fisherman called the AK Raptor Center, a rehabilitation center that helps inured fowl. Then, once the bald eagle finished her salmon, she made an unexpected decision that melted her rescuer’s heart.

“After eating the salmon, she hobbled over to me and seemed to be asking for help,” the fisherman writes. “She sat next to me for 30 minutes until they came to pick her up.”

Side-view of a soaking wet bald eagle looking in the distance.

In an update after her rescue, the fisherman learned that the poor bird had a broken foot, a few broken ribs, and a large gash on her chest. She was also elderly.

Note that that you should always contact a wildlife rehabber in a situation like this. Also, it’s recommended to never feed injured wildlife unless advised to do so by a professional. With that in mind, it’s so heartwarming to see the way this fisherman was able to have a positive impact on this sweet bird — and the opposite can be said, too.

“She was so friendly,” the fisherman adds. “I named her Fred. It was a really cool experience.”

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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