Eternal Flame Falls: This Waterfall In New York Is Hiding (Almost) Everlasting Fire Inside!

There is fire behind a waterfall at Eternal Flame Falls.

Fire and water usually don’t go together, but New York’s Eternal Flame Falls is one exception! This unique natural phenomenon somehow maintains a burning flame behind a 35-foot waterfall. Legend has it that Native Americans lit a fire in the sheltered grotto thousands of years ago, according to Discovery. Of course, it’s gone out a few times since then — just ask the many hikers who have rekindled the flame with their own pocket lighters!


Even though the fire at Eternal Flame Falls isn’t actually eternal, it’s still pretty impressive! It turns out that the flame inside the grotto most likely stays lit thanks to a gas leak. Geology Science tells us that the constant flow of water from the falls also contributes to the long-lasting blaze, since it keeps the gas from remaining trapped in the rocks.


A rare naturally occurring eternal flame!🔥 This flame is one of the 9 big naturally occurring eternal flames we have here on earth. Some argue there are more, but many refer to the 9 big ones. This flame here is one of the more famous eternal flames due to it’s location inside of a waterfall. They occur because of cracks in the earth that leak a combination of natural gases. They can be lit by a lightning strike or human involvement. Some say this flame was lit by Native Americans millions of years ago…. Makes you wonder how many more are out there that haven’t been discovered of have just lost their flame over time… some say there are/have been over a hundred over time! • • • #hiking #eternalflame #newyork #worldwonder #gooutside #stayactive #winter

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While Eternal Flame Falls is truly amazing to behold, it’s hardly the only natural wonder of its kind. In fact, there are at least nine spectacular locations in the world where an “eternal flame” burns. However, the New York tourist attraction is especially breathtaking due to the fact that it’s inside a waterfall.

There is fire behind a waterfall at Eternal Flame Falls.
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Eternal Flame Falls is certainly a worthwhile destination for any nature lover! If you’re looking for more travel inspiration, check out these incredible places around the world.

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