Wife Hands Husband Gift Celebrating “New Job,” But He Breaks Down When He Looks Inside.

For many couples, starting a family and having children is not a matter of “if” but “when.” Unfortunately, many couples find themselves asking “when” for longer than they’d like; it isn’t easy for some couples to have children, and years can go by of trying and waiting for a child.

One couple was going through this exact struggle as they weren’t able to conceive for five years. Just as Erik and Krista were ready to give up hope, Erik received a momentous offer for a new job. Krista told her husband she wanted to take him out to celebrate… Little did Erik know, Krista had  a big surprise up her sleeve.


In the video below, Krista hands Erik a wrapped gift while at the celebratory dinner. As Erik unwraps the gift, you can hear Krista behind the camera trying to hold back her excitement.

When he finally unwraps the box, Erik pulls out a pair of “pocket pants.”

Erik had always joked that– were he to become a dad– he’d be the kind to carry a fanny pack. Krista had joked that she wasn’t so sure he’d be successful in bringing back the 80’s trend and suggested he might need something else, such as a pair of pants like these.

Still, Erik didn’t sense anything was up.

Krista instructs him to open one of the pockets of the pants and pull out the real gift that is hiding inside. What he finds in the pocket is the best gift any parent trying to conceive could ever receive.


Out of the pocket comes a positive Clear Blue pregnancy test. Krista tearfully explains that the new job they are actually celebrating is his new role as a father.

His reaction to the news– after so many years of waiting– is truly beautiful.


Watch the video below to see the big reaction when Erik’s “new job” is revealed!

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