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Woman Has No Idea She Has A Full Brother Until A DNA Test Changes Her Life.

David Aguirre hugs sister Janice Dunn

For Janice Dunn, being adopted as an infant meant never truly knowing her own origin story. She knew she was born in San Diego, California, but beyond that her family history was a blank slate. Janice grew up in Idaho and became an attorney, but she never stopped thinking about her birth family. Then, after 30 years of searching, she finally got some answers thanks to a DNA test from 23andMe.

The test revealed that Janice still has family in San Diego. Most notably, she has a full sibling named David Aguirre, a local business owner whose parents never told him he had an older sister. The family had put Janice up for adoption before David and his other sister were even born.

David and Janice’s parents have passed away, but the DNA test doesn’t lie! A quick glance at a photo of Janice also told David everything he needed to know about her lineage.

“I could see my father in her,” he said. “My father’s eyes. Everything about her, she was definitely related.”

The siblings started exchanging texts and emails during the COVID-19 pandemic, but they never spoke on the phone or met until 2023. David says he was saving hearing her voice for their first meeting!

“My heart’s racing right now,” he said with a grin. “Last night it felt like Christmas; it’s like Santa Claus is coming!”

On the day Janice flew to San Diego from Idaho, David was beside himself with excitement. He recognized her instantly as she rode down the escalator at the airport. He couldn’t wait to wrap his sister up in a big bear hug.

Once they got a good look at each other, it was very clear that they are brother and sister.

“You look just like dad,” David told Janice.

“Glad to see you,” Janice said warmly. “You look just like me!”

It was a reunion 50 years in the making, and one neither Janice nor David could have ever expected. The siblings gathered some other family members for a big family dinner, and they’re both counting their blessings that fate (and science!) brought them together.

“We’re cherishing this,” Janice said. “We’re very lucky. We’ve lost quite a few siblings and we’re grateful that we have each other.”

Who knew that a simple DNA test could change the lives of two people? We’re so happy for Janice and David, and we wish them many more years of getting to know each other.

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