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Bullied 11-Yr-Old Offers “Emotional Advice” To NYC Commuters, Shares Wisdom At The Subway!

We’ve heard some brilliant little kids give A+ advice before. There was this little girl who shared her mom’s advice with us on how to deal with ugly words, and there was this handicapped young boy who had Ellen on her feet cheering after he shared his wonderful advice on being different… but we haven’t yet seen a child make a business out of sharing advice! And that’s exactly what 11-year-old Ciro Ortiz has done.

Every weekend, the Brooklyn 6th grader heads into the NYC subway with a table, chairs, and a sign reading “EMOTIONAL ADVICE $2.” There, Ciro listens to the problems of any commuter who can pay his fee, offering a 5-minute therapy session.

A customer named Ross posted the photo below to Instagram, saying “He didn’t give me the advice I wanted, he gave me the advice I needed. He didn’t, however, give change for a 5…”

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Is anyone else reminded of Lucy from the old Peanuts comics? But, unlike the ever-sassy Lucy, Ciro doesn’t let the power get to his head.

Ciro was bullied in school, so this is his way of sharing the wisdom he gained from those difficult experiences with others… taking the good from the bad.

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He’ll share advice with anyone… even cops!

I â¤ï¸ NY #newyork #nyc #brooklyn #emotionaladvice

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“Ciro is really sensitive and he’s had a hard time,”his mom told The New York Post. “The first day he was out there [on the subway platform, giving counseling], he was very nervous and unsure of himself . . . A few Sundays later he’s come back saying, ‘I’ve met so many wonderful people. I’m gonna end up having so many friends.’ â€

Ciro said a common theme he’s noticed in his session is people struggling with change. “We have to accept [change,]” he said. “It’s going to happen – it’s always going to happen. Life is always changing.â€

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On a good day, Ciro can make around $50. Not bad considering he only works from noon to 2! But what does he do with the money? “He buys food or snacks at school for kids who can’t afford them,”says Ciro’s dad. “He’s not selfish with the money.”

Dad added that Ciro has always been very mature, and he and Ciro’s mom encourage him to pursue his dreams… even if it means they spend their weekends watching Ciro work the subway!

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