Elf On The Shelf Rushed Into Life-Saving “Surgery” After Altercation With Dog.

Sam the Elf on a Shelf receiving emergency elf surgery to reattach a severed limb following a vicious dog mauling.

BREAKING NEWS: Sam the Elf is in stable condition after emergency elf surgery. His injuries were the result of a near-fatal altercation with the family dog, Zoey. The Thelen family from Oviedo, Florida, discovered the vicious mauling when 7-year-old Aubree woke up. Seeing Sam, her Elf on the Shelf, lying on the floor dismembered caused her to run shrieking from the room.

Mom Jennifer went to investigate. The damage was immediately visible. Sam’s right arm was severed at the shoulder. He had gouges on his face and lacerations on his right leg and left arm. Knowing that the belief in Christmas was hanging on the brink, Jennifer set about to get Sam into elf surgery.

Sam the elf being wheeled into surgery on a gurney.
Image from YouTube.

Sam was rushed to the trauma unit at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. Knowing that you can’t touch an Elf on the Shelf (they will lose their magic), the surgical team carefully triaged Sam’s injuries. An emergency shipment of Magical Santa Gloves arrived just in time, allowing the “doctor” to work on Sam’s injuries without interrupting his magic.

"Doctor" Ashley assessing the extent of the injuries to Sam the elf.
Image from Facebook.

As soon as Sam arrived in the surgical wing, “Doctor” Ashley got busy reattaching the amputated limb. This was the trickiest part of the surgery and required precision. The delicate elf surgery progressed to ensure that Sam would have full use of the limb after the procedure.

"Doctor" Ashley stitching Sam's severed arm back into place.
Image from YouTube.

Sam remained awake during the procedure and never made a sound. What a brave patient! “Doctor,” Ashley stitched the arm back in place and repaired the lacerations with the practiced ease of a veteran elf surgeon. Once the elf surgery was complete, Sam was bandaged and released to return to his home.

Following his emergency elf surgery, Sam was bandaged and permitted to return to his home.
Image from YouTube.

Keeping Elf Surgery In The Right Perspective

The elf surgery was a success, and Sam continued his job with the Thelen family. To prevent further maulings, special care will be taken to keep Sam safe from Zoey. Aubree was happy with Sam’s care and VIP treatment at the hospital. Special thanks to paramedic “Doctor” Ashley for her stellar attention to detail in performing this surgical procedure.

"Doctor" Ashley is actually paramedic Ashley, who donned surgical garb to perform this emergency procedure.
Image from YouTube.

While we have fun with stories like this, we need to mention that for a 7-year-old child, this is a very serious situation. Aubree’s parents and the Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children staff went above and beyond to keep the magic of the season alive. As you go through your holiday traditions, remember to keep the magic alive in your own life, no matter what age you are. Please share this with a friend who might need some magic.

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