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Navy Boyfriend Gets Superfan Girlfriend On “Ellen,” But She Has Even Bigger Surprise.

Ellen is known for arranging some pretty big surprises for her guests, whether it’s pitching in to help cover daily living expenses for a cancer survivor or secretly helping one of her employees propose to his girlfriend, Ellen’s wardrobe assistant.

Recently, Maura Gonsalves thought she was just watching a taping of Ellen, but quickly realized she was in for a big dose of Ellen’s kindness!


She and her boyfriend Noah Copeland used to live in Massachusetts but moved to San Diego about a year and a half ago when he was restationed. They were only there for five months before Noah, who works as a supply officer for the Navy, was shipped off on an overseas deployment.

It wasn’t really the best timing, but it wouldn’t be so bad – surely they could see each other occasionally, right? Maybe have her fly out to visit or meet halfway? Nope. The assignment took him to a military island in the Indian Ocean.


At the time the “Ellen” episode was taped, he’d been there for more than a year, with no end in sight. At least, that’s what Noah implied in the letter he sent Ellen, which she read aloud before calling Maura up on stage.

In his note, Noah described Maura as Ellen’s “biggest fan.”He said that Ellen was one of the only people who was able to help ease the pain of their long separation, “and the reason that she’s been able to get through this deployment.â€


Once onstage, Maura told Ellen that she’s such a big fan that she and Noah even watch the show together on FaceTime! And if that’s not heartwarming enough, she goes on to say that they’d planned to vacation in Puerto Rico when he got back.

As everyone knows, though, the island is still reeling after it was struck by hurricane Maria. When they saw Ricky Martin discussing the ongoing relief efforts, they knew what they had to do.


They donated all their vacation money to his foundation!

“There’s people that have been out of power, even are still out of power right now,”Maura tearfully says. “It’s so sad, I can’t believe it.â€


Kindness like that tugs at everyone’s heartstrings… fortunately, Ellen was in a position to actually do something to reward their thoughtful gesture.

Watch the video below to find out how Ellen surprised this wonderful couple, and remember to share to inspire more kind acts today!

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