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Thieving Husky Refuses To Return Stolen Shoe— Hilariously Argues With Mom Over Crime.

No one likes to be scolded, but when it comes to dishing it right back, no one knows how to do it quite like a husky– especially Azlan, the husky in the video below.

What set off Azlan’s mini-meltdown? The curious incident of the missing shoe.


Why he hid the shoe remains a mystery known only to Azlan, but what’s clear is his mom, Megan Wade, wants it back. Now.

“Azlan, I know you stole my shoe. Go pick it up and bring it back.”


Azlan whines and moans and groans in protest, because it’s not like she has any proof or evidence of this clearly trumped-up charge. Then he glances down at the remaining tennis shoe. It’s the little details that’ll get you ever time. You can almost see the wheels turning.


Azlan pulls a little U-turn and stomps out of the room, his mutters literally echoing down the hallway. This frisky pup apparently has a bad habit of stealing things – think they ever got this tie back?


And did Megan ever get her shoe back? Watch the clip below to find out and remember to share to spread some laughs!

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