Mom Closes Bakery After Family’s Hard Times — Ellen Surprises Them With Life-Changing Gifts.

Ellen Degeneres never fails to put a smile on our face, especially when she showers gifts upon fans who have fallen on hard times.

Ellen decided to bring the Harris family on her show after daughter Sierra Harris wrote her a heartfelt letter asking for tickets to Ellen’s show. Sierra described how her sister Kiesha had been going through treatment for breast cancer at age 33, and how devastating her diagnosis had been for their entire family. In fact, Sierra’s mother had even been forced to close the family bakery in order to care for Kiesha.

The Harrises had fallen on very hard times indeed, but watching The Ellen DeGeneres Show provided them with a much-needed laugh and distraction from their troubles each day.


Ellen did provide the family with tickets, but she wasn’t done surprising them yet! First, Ellen told them that Sierra wasn’t able to be at the taping that day… but then she shocked the family by bringing Sierra out to read the letter she’d written herself!

As the family talked about how hard things had been, Ellen announced that she knew Sierra was behind on rent. Ellen first took a moment to praise Sierra’s landlord for being so patient with her, and then she presented the astounded young woman with a fat stack of cash to get her rent up to date.


As if these gifts weren’t generous enough, Ellen then brought out a check for $10,000 for the entire family. And the blessings just kept on rolling from there!

First, Ellen shared that the family of four adults only had one car between them, and it kept breaking down, leaving them stranded. So of course, Ellen gave them a brand new ride.


As one last surprise gift, Ellen presented Kiesha with another $5,000 to help her get back on her feet after chemo. “It means so much to me that I get to be a tiny part of making you feel better,” Ellen told them. We’re so lucky that we get to see Ellen helping people in this way!

Watch the emotional video below, and be sure to share it to spread some joy today.