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ella and coleman

30M People Can’t Stop Laughing At Little Girl’s Reaction To Meeting Baby Brother.

Introducing your new baby to your older children can be a joyful moment that families cherish forever.

When Jordan and Kristen Jeremias of Wilmington, North Carolina, brought their newborn boy home to their toddler daughter Ella, they no doubt had visions of a beautiful bonding moment between siblings. Armed with a camera, they began to videotape the children’s first meeting so that they could always remember the sweet moment. What they didn’t expect was for Ella to be so… unimpressed with baby Coleman.


As family members carefully placed the sleeping infant into Ella’s lap, the little girl responds with the blankest of blank stares. The plump little cheeks don’t curve into a smile, nor does she make eye contact with anyone around her. Ella merely stares directly into the camera like Jim Halpert deadpanning viewers in an episode of “The Office.”


Ella could not be less impressed by this inert bundle of joy lying heavily in her lap, and she’s not yet old enough to even attempt to feign enthusiasm. Instead, she merely glances down at Coleman as her mother coaxes her to give him a kiss. She never says yes or no, never attempts to give the baby’s head a kiss — nada. She just kind of… stares.

“Here is my toddler Ella reacting to us bringing home our baby boy Coleman from the hospital for her first encounter with her brother. Her shocking reaction is priceless,” Jordan wrote on Facebook.


What a welcome to the family! We can’t help but giggle at Ella’s grumpy reaction, and we’re not alone. The video has gone viral with nearly 30 million views to date! Something tells us that little Ella has grown into her role as big sister and is almost certainly going to rule the roost once Coleman’s older.

Take a look at the adorable video below and don’t forget to share.

Toddler Meets Her Brother For First Time

When you realize that you will be no longer in the spotlight…Credit: storyful

Posted by Epoch Asia on Tuesday, June 25, 2019

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