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Little Girl Refuses To Let Anyone Hold New Baby Sister — Even Mom!

protective big sister

When a new baby comes, mom and dad are always immediately in love. But, when it’s the family’s second (or third, or fourth) baby, the older siblings’ love can closely rival that of their parents.

One little girl’s newfound love for her little sister may have actually surpassed her parents’ – and that unconditional affection was thankfully caught in the most adorable video.


The video appears to be shot in the hospital, presumably not long after the new baby was born. In it, the tiny infant is swaddled in her hospital bassinet and snuggled up next to her (literally, in the bassinet) is her big sister.

When mom comes by and asks the little girl, “Do you want me to take the baby?” the sweet tot shakes her head no as she pulls her tiny sister in closer. When mom reaches in to grab the baby, her big sister hugs her even closer and glares at her mom with protective eyes. “Not happenin’,” she seems to say.


Mom asks her first-born several more times (in various ways) if she wants her to take the baby, but the tot stands firm and doesn’t let her take her. Clearly, she’s a protector.

The adorable video understandably went viral and has inspired parents all over to share similar photos of their oldest children meeting their younger siblings for the first time.

big brother


We have no doubt that this new baby girl will go far in life because her big sister will make sure no one hurts her along the way.

Check out the adorable, touching, and even hilarious moment in the video below – and be sure to spread the cuteness by sharing this story with your friends!

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