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Elderly Widower Kept His Wife’s Memory Alive In The Most Beautiful Way

An elderly man sits at a restaurant booth, eating. With him at the table is a framed photo of an elderly woman

Anyone who had the chance of meeting Clarence Purvis can attest to one fact: He was madly and deeply in love with his wife, Carolyn. Over the course of decades, they were happily married, raising children. They loved to spend every moment they could together, including for meals. One of their most beloved traditions had them eating at the same local restaurant six times a week. It’s no wonder, then, that when Clarence became an elderly widower, he found a way to keep their routine going.

Clarence did this by continuing to eat at that same restaurant, alone… well, almost alone, anyway. Without fail, he’d always bring photos of his late wife. That way, he could place them across the table, making it feel as though she were still with him. Needless to say, this new routine was heartbreakingly beautiful to anyone who had the chance of seeing it. Best of all, the story of Clarence’s love for his wife grew far beyond their home of Glennville, Georgia.

View from behind of a man sitting at a restaurant table, gazing at a two-photo frame with one containing a black-and-white photo of a young woman. The other shows the same woman, now elderly.

“He became world-known just to show his love for his wife, how much she meant to him,” their daughter, Dianne Knight, says, prompting her brother, Dale, to add, “And that was the environment we grew up in all our life.”

Elderly Widow Finds Heartwarming Way to Continue Tradition With His Late Wife

In addition to eating at “their” restaurant, Clarence was known for frequently visiting Carolyn’s grave — five or six times a day, in fact, until he was no longer able to drive. Even their restaurant closing didn’t stop him — he found a new place to be theirs.

Two photos hang on a wall. One is of a young woman, smiling. The other shows Carolyn smiling as she sits in Clarence's lap.

Since their love story blew up in 2017, Clarence also passed away at 97 years old in 2021. Although their children are sad that he is no longer with them, they cherish the time they had together. Plus, they couldn’t be more proud of the way their parents’ love story has brought so much joy and hope to others.

Clarence and Carolyn’s Love Store Lives On

“That’s what this world needs today,” Dianne says. “The kind of love that they had for one another.”

Clarence, on his knees, bends down next to his wife's gravestone that is adorned with lots of figurines, flowers, and the U.S. flag.

And, as much as they miss their dad, they’re happy with the idea that Clarence is back together with Carolyn, happier than ever to be reunited once more.

“The pictures of him after momma passed, you hardly saw him smile. As opposed to when we had pictures of him before. But now he’ll be smiling all the time,” Dale says, with Dianne adding, “He’s smiling talking to momma. Momma talking to him.”

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