Woman Goes To Buy Flowers For Herself, Ends Up Giving Them To A Grieving Widow Instead.

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A kind-hearted woman’s story of fate and divine intervention is going viral—and it’s giving us goosebumps!

The woman, named Lauren, recently took to Instagram and TikTok to tell her followers about a special encounter she had. She admitted that the day didn’t start well for her because she was randomly called into work. So, she left in a bad mood and decided to stop at the grocery store to get some of her weekly errands out of the way. That’s when everything turned around.

Lauren walked into the store and said flower bouquets “immediately” caught her eye. She spent some time window-shopping and even had a conversation with another shopper about how exceptionally beautiful they were that day. However, she was on a budget, so she decided to pass on buying any.


Its just like life is kind of beautiful when you think about every single thing youve done has led to this exact moment. Pray for the lady and her grief journey esp with valentines day next week. #storytime #valentinesday #flowers

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Lauren took out her shopping list and filled her cart. But the store was out of several of the items she needed, which meant she had extra spending money. So she went back to grab her favorite flowers, but they were gone. The bouquet next to the empty slot caught her eye, though. So she bought them and headed to her car—but something stopped her from driving away.

“Once I checked out and was walking out of the store, I just got this heavy feeling, and I just heard, ‘Give these flowers to this lady.’ And I’m like, ‘No, I bought these flowers for myself.’ And I look around, and there’s nobody around me anyway… So I’m like, ‘whatever.'”

As Lauren was loading the groceries into her car, she heard the voice again.

“Give the flowers to this lady,” it repeated.

“I’m just like, ‘Okay, obviously, I’m not meant to have these flowers today,'” she continued.

Flowers for widow.

Lauren began to push her cart to the return and noticed that the shopper she spoke to about the flowers earlier was in the parking lot.

The Widow Shares How Flowers Are Connected to Her Lost Love

“So I just walked up to her and said, ‘Hey, ma’am, I just wanted to give you these flowers, have a nice day.’ She looks at the flowers, and she busted out laughing,” Lauren shared. “And then her laughing turns into crying.”

As it turned out, the woman she gave her flowers to had just become a widow. She buried her husband of over 30 years the week before, and she laughed because, since the day they met, her husband had given her three yellow daisies every other Thursday.

“Cue the waterworks on my end,” Lauren said before adding, “In case ya’ll haven’t figured it out yet, today is Thursday.”

The flowers Lauren handed the widow, of course, included three yellow daisies. The woman had been browsing the bouquets earlier because she wanted to buy one for herself, but she didn’t see any with three yellow daisies, so she left.

The whole situation made Lauren think about being in the right place at the right time. When her boss told her to come into the office, she didn’t feel like she was “in the right place.” But had that not happened, she would have gone to a different store. So she realized there was a plan from the start.

It was Divine timing

“Moments like these bring me a lot of peace,” Lauren admitted. “And I hope that I can bring you some peace to know you are at the right place at the right time because there are things you are meant to do on your path that you don’t even know about.”

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