Girl With Rare Muscular Disease Paints Masterpieces In Unique Way.

Ekaterina “Kate” Borodulkina first started showing signs of Muscular Dystrophy when she was three months old, but didn’t get an official diagnosis until she was four. The disease causes progressive weakness and loss of muscle, and by the time she was diagnosed, she could no longer walk, lift her arms or even hold up her head. But despite – or maybe because of – these hurdles, Kate pours all her energy into a talent that first emerged when she was a toddler. Growing up in Moscow, Russia, she started drawing when she was just two years old, using pencils while sitting in her high chair. And right away, she showed so much promise that her parents enrolled her in a children’s art school the following year. She's now 10 years old – and it’s a good thing her parents recognized and encouraged her talent, because these paintings are truly incredible! Kate can’t walk or raise her arms and she needs a ventilator to breathe but she’s always had a passion for art. She loves painting animals and landscapes. Her art has even been displayed in exhibitions. In between masterpieces, she makes time to hang out with her best friends. Just check out the time-lapse video below. It's incredible how she can breathe life into plain sheets of paper with deft strokes of her brush, creating colorful images of animals and seascapes, landscapes and flowers. Prepare to be amazed, and remember to share her talent to inspire others to follow their passions!
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