So Close Yet So Far: These Cats Take Jumping Fails To New, Hilarious Heights!

A two-photo collage. The first photo shows a small kitten starting to jump a small distance between two tables. The second shows a cat sitting outside, looking up at a building. An image of a math problem has been added to the photo.

Cats are known to be incredibly graceful, athletic creatures. In fact, felines are often like little acrobats, roaming around their home in the oddest of places. Part of the reason why is because cats are incredible at jumping. In fact, it’s said that the average housecat can jump between five and six times their own height. That means that, without a running start, they can typically get six to eight feet vertically.

And yet, just like every other creature, cats aren’t perfect. Even the ones who jump like it’s their job are bound to have a clumsy moment or two. Keep scrolling to see some adorable cats who didn’t quite land how they had hoped. Best of all, no cats were harmed in the making of these funny videos.

1. So close and, yet, so far…

I wonder if things turned out better for the second cat.

2. When the math isn’t mathing.

I’m also not great at math or spatial reasoning so, I understand deeply.

3. There had to have been a brief moment where she thought she was in the clear.

Ironically, her second jump is what saved her in the end.

4. This is why you always listen to Mom, even cats who are experts at jumping.

Maybe she’ll remember this for next time.

5. The tiniest of jumps.

Fitting for the tiniest of cats.

@lulumeng22 Let’s see how high can a Munchkin cat jump 🫣 #jump #cat #funny #funnyvideos #laugh ♬ Pick Up and Play – Alumo

If you have cats in your life then, odds are, you know that no matter what happens, these cats keep on jumping. Sometimes, you simply need to heed the words of Taylor Swift and “shake it off” whenever you fall flat on your face, both literally and figuratively. And if you have hilarious video evidence of said fall, then all the better!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here!

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