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Parrots Face Off In Epic Dance Battle That Has Owners Cracking Up!

What is love? It might be watching parrots happily dancing to music. Yes, you read that correctly.

Parrots really enjoy dancing to music. It’s something that people have only truly started noticing within the last decade as animal experts confirm that parrots do have an ear for music and can develop a strong love of dancing to it.

Much of the interest in parrot dancing was raised due to viral videos like this one, featuring a pair of parrots in an epic dance-off!

macaw and cockatoo

The two parrots in the video are a Macaw and a Cockatoo.

It did seem like the Cockatoo might have held a bit of an advantage over the Macaw. From the opening notes of “What is Love?” the white bird was into it, putting on one heck of a Night At The Roxbury impression.

The Macaw seemed a bit shyer, or perhaps less familiar with the song. It kept looking to the Cockatoo to figure out how to move to the beat. Meanwhile, the Cockatoo was giving its all!

birds dancing

We won’t tell you which bird came out the winner, but objectively speaking, it might be really obvious by the end. To check out this funny dance contest, click the YouTube video below.

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