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Contemporary Dancer And Her Four-Legged Partner Put On An Astonishing Routine

dancer four-legged partner

A contemporary dancer and her four-legged partner put on a shocking, must-watch routine.

The five-minute-long performance starts with the dancer, Elke, walking out onto the mat with her dog, Jessy. Sporting a red dress with a white collar, white socks, and black strapped dance flats, Elke proudly sets the stage for an impressive show. She guides Jessy, the border collie, to one corner of the large mat before making her way over to the other side — opposite the pup. 

In between the four-legged partner and the dancer stands a golden mirror (really, just the frame). After pausing and waiting for a few beats, Elke and Jessy take off running toward the “mirror,” meeting right in front of it as if looking through it at each other. 

Jessy then starts mirroring every move Elke made as an introductory spoken-word message blares through the speakers.

“Once upon a time, there was a little girl,” a voice says. “No, no that isn’t right. See, it wasn’t just any time and this wasn’t just any little girl. This story was about Emily.”

The dancer and dog duo continue to mirror each other’s moves, spinning, looking away, turning the same way, and walking the same distances apart and together. The pup matches the dancer’s foot moves, mesmerizing the crowd.

An Emotional Dance Routine With Dancer and Four-Legged Partner

Eventually, music begins to pick up, dramatizing the scene even further.

“Will you come play with me?” a child’s voice asks through the speakers. “Pleeeaaase. I don’t wanna be alone. We can play forever and ever and ever.” The childlike voice fades into a darker, almost demonic tone.

Just then, Elke — as part of the routine — becomes more aware and appears scared of what is lurking on the other side of the mirror. She backs away and eventually flips onto her stomach, covering her head with her hands and bracing for an attack. As the four-legged partner leaps through the mirror to reach the dancer, the sound effects of broken glass play through the speakers, making it seem like the dog has broken the mirror to get to the other side. 

Jessy, the pup, then jumps on top of Elke before circling her and then circling the mirror. The performance makes it seem as though Elke is attempting to escape Jessy. Eventually, however, the dog forces the dancer through the other side of the mirror.

Elke appears to be stuck in a different world, unable to get back to where she originally started. 

The performance ends with an evil laugh blaring through the speakers as Elke knocks on the mirror as if attempting to return to her world. She eventually gives up and lays on the floor, ending the performance.

The crowd went wild at this incredible and theatrical routine between the dancer and her four-legged partner.

“What a connection between the two! Never have seen this type of coordination before,” someone commented on the video. “A great performance which demonstrated the respect they have for each other. Amazing!!!”

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