Farmer Shares Silly “Hack” They Discovered About Their Donkeys That’ll Have You Braying With Laughter.

A hand reaches out to pet a donkey between the ears.

As technology continues to advance at lightning speed, it’s more and more common to find hacks for just about everything. That being said, this farmer may have found the best, and silliest, hack of them all — and it has absolutely nothing to do with technology. Rather, it has to do with their donkeys’ ears.


If you take a look at Elliot Williams’ social media pages, you’ll learn very quickly just how much they adore animals. Many of the 20-year-old’s posts have to do with horses, but one of their most popular videos features their donkeys. Once you see it, you’ll understand exactly why!

Watch These Adorable Donkeys’ Ears React to Being Pet

@yoitselliotwilliams Or these donkeys are broken 😂 #uk #donkey #donkeys #donkeysoftiktok #equines #funny #animals #funnyanimals #fyp #foryou #farmlife ♬ original sound – Elliot Williams

“Did you know donkeys have a button on their heads that automatically makes their ears go back?” Elliot writes, jokingly adding in the caption, “Or these donkeys are broken.”

It’s true! With a single, gentle tap on the head, the donkeys’ ears will swoosh back. This happens not just to the first donkey but to every single one that Elliot pets. It’s like they all have a secret code they’re trying to communicate. In any case, one thing is for sure: It’s so darn cute!

A hand reaches out to pet a white/gray donkey on the forehead and right between their ears.

“I believe that’s the sport mode button,” one person shares in the comment section of the video.

“It’s hard to see other people living your dreams,” another person writes.

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