Owner Challenges 3 Dogs To Herd Ducks Into Hula Hoop In Incredible Exhibition.

dogs herding ducks

When humans work with dogs to hone their natural skills these animals can become invaluable members of any farming team.

Chad Collins of Monroe, Tennessee, has been working with animals for most of his life. He currently runs Collins Stockdogs, a small business that specializes in dog training, lessons, and clinics. He can often be found giving demonstrations of his dogs’ impressive training at local schools, fairs, and other festivities.


Chad’s specialty is obedience training, both to give companion dogs some manners to better fit in with their family’s lifestyle and to enable them to work on farms, helping to manage the stock. He raises litters of border collies, a breed that has a strong natural herding instinct that makes them the perfect barnyard companion for farmers.

If you’ve ever seen herding dogs in action you know that these animals are highly trained natural athletes who are incredibly smart and loyal. Still, when you see them in action it’s hard not to let your jaw hit the floor!


Chad’s wife Candy Louis Collins recently shared a video of her husband’s work at a herding dog demonstration at the Putnam County Fair in Cookeville, Tennessee. Chad worked with three dogs for this event, Imported Roy, Imported Lass, and Celt. The goal was to use nothing but targeted whistles to command his three dogs to contain a small herd of ducks within a hula hoop on the ground.

As the crowd watched, Chad emits a series of high-pitched whistles off-camera. Each dog knows exactly what to do when they hear Chad’s whistle, crouching low to the ground and keeping their eyes fixed on the confused ducks moving as one unit.


With every quick whistle Chad gives, one dog moves into position. Within one minute the three dogs have worked together to guide the ducks toward the circle on the ground… seconds later, they’ve got the ducks right where they want them! The best part is when one of the dogs glances up at Chad at the end, as if to say, “We did it, dad!”


These dogs are incredible! They did all of this herding without a single verbal cue. They are the product of hundreds of years of breeding and hours and hours of extensive training ⁠— true masters of their kind! We hope that Chad gave them all kinds of belly rubs and treats after this impressive demonstration of their skills.

Watch the video of Chad’s dogs in action below, and be sure to share.

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