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15 Good Boys And Girls Who Are So Excited To See Their Owners After Daycare

dog at daycare

Dogs are such pure creatures. If they’re sad, you know it. If they’re happy, you’ll definitely know that, too!

If you’ve ever sent your favorite pooch to a doggy daycare you know that it’s a pretty exciting experience for most pups. Even though they might be scared at first, by the end of the day they’ve had so much fun that they’re downright thrilled to see you and tell you about it â – and they’re not shy about showing it. Check out 15 happy puppers who are over the moon about seeing their human at the end of a long, fun day on the playground.

1. This dog has to jump up to get a peek at who’s collecting her that day.

2. This good boy can’t wait to get through that door and into his owner’s arms.

3. “When I pick him up from daycare he HAS to spin. It’s not optional.”

4. This dachshund has the world’s happiest, wiggliest tail.

5. Boing! Boing! Boing!

6. Just look at the way his face lights up when he sees his human!

7.  Prancy girl only stops long enough to pick up her own leash on the way out.

8. The best part of this guy’s day â – and Lucy’s too!

9. “Hi Dad! You’re my favorite!”

10.  He could NOT be happier to see her.

11. Suddenly those other dogs are forgotten because “Mom’s here!”

12. It was a long week for these two and they can’t wait to get home.

13. “Don’t worry about opening the fence, I got this, Ma.”

14. When he smells dad â – get ready for your heart to explode.

15. Last but not least, check out this poodle’s happy dance.

BONUS: This dog can’t wait to get on the school bus to doggy daycare!

These are the cutest good girls and boys ever! Just seeing their excited little doggy faces puts a smile on our faces and joy in our hearts.

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