Hedgehog & Bengal Cat Go On Adventures Together And The Pics Are Adorable

There are some Instagram accounts that exist simply to make people smile.

A few years ago Talitha Girnus, a student from Wiesbaden, Germany, fulfilled her dream of owning an African Pygmy hedgehog. The newly-minted “hog-mom” loved to dress up her spiky little friend in socks, hats, and tiny sunglasses and take his picture in front of some of Europe’s greatest landmarks and most breathtaking vistas.


The photos Talitha took of Mr. Pokee took the Instagram world by storm, and soon he was one of the most well-known “petfluencers” on the web.

But when Mr. Pokee passed over the rainbow bridge, Talitha adopted another hedgehog to carry on in his footsteps, and Herbee is just as cute as you’d imagine a baby hedgehog could be! In fact, Herbee’s personality is so much like Mr. Pokee’s that Talitha has wondered if he was reincarnated!

“[I’m] thankful to care for another little hedgie and happy to call myself a ‘hog mom again, Talitha wrote. “Here’s to old memories of Pokee and to new adventures with Herbee.”


After photographing Herbee for a few weeks, Talitha introduced a new member to the family. Audree is a purebred Bengal kitten who is just as sweet as she is stunning. “I named her after Audrey Hepburn, because she’s elegant and wild at the same time,” Talitha  said.


Now Herbee has a traveling companion and Talitha’s Instagram account is devoted to “The World’s Cutest Adventurers!” More than 1.5 million followers check in regularly to see their adorable trips.

Talitha says she spends a lot of time setting up these photo shoots and getting her pets to cooperate, but it’s all worth it if she makes just one person smile.

“Between all the serious things happening in the world every day, Pokee and now also Herbee and Audree are here to give you a reason to be happy and smile,” she wrote on their website. “Whenever you return to our page, we want to remind you to never lose faith and always follow your heart.”


Not only are Talitha’s photographs stunning, featuring gorgeous landmarks like the Swiss Alps, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and lots of gorgeous mountains and lakes in Germany, but each image features either Herbee or Audree, or both, being utterly adorable. Talitha also posts uplifting captions designed to turn that frown upside down.


This is one Instagram page we won’t hesitate to follow! Cute animals, beautiful scenery, and uplifting captions? Sign us right up! Somewhere in heaven Mr. Pokee is looking down at his family and giving us one of this best hedgehog grins.

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