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Dog Falls Head Over Paws For Elderly Man From Nearby Nursing Home

An elderly man holding a small dog in his arms.

An elderly man in a nursing home has been getting the most adorable visits from a local dog and her owner. Prinnie the poodle has become best friends with John, who lives at a care facility near her home. Whenever her owner takes her to visit the elderly gentleman, she gets so excited! There are some truly sweet videos of the two interacting on Prinnie’s TikTok account.

In one post, the dog’s owner shared the most precious footage of one of their wholesome meetings outside the nursing home. As soon as Prinnie saw John in the distance, she started scrambling toward him as quickly as she could! It wasn’t long before she was happily settled in the elderly man’s lap, gratefully accepting the treat he had for her. Once she finished her snack, she was ready for cuddles!


John & Prinnie were drfinitely soul mates in another life 🥹🥹

♬ Lovely Fire in Another Love – Gabriel Albuquerqüe

“I love the way he talks to her,” wrote the owner over the video. “It’s so cute.”

They added, “I think they knew each other in another life.”

This footage of the friendly dog visiting her friend at the nursing home has received over 15 million views and two million likes! Many commenters agreed that John and Prinnie seem to have an incredible connection.

An elderly man holding a small dog in his arms.
Screengrab from TikTok

“Nothing can convince me that this wasn’t his pup in a past life,” one user wrote.

“I hope you know how much you are doing for that man just by letting him love on your dog,” said another.

In another heartwarming video, Prinnie’s owner captured a special moment between the dog and the elderly man from the nursing home. As John held the tiny pooch, she snuggled against him and buried her face in his arm. Apparently, the poodle doesn’t act this friendly with everyone.


For those that are new here this is John, an elderly man from the nursing home my dog has bonded with. She doesnt do this with anyone else, i think they’ve known each other before

♬ Little Life – Cordelia

“She doesn’t do this with anyone else, I think they’ve known each other before,” the pet parent wrote.

What a beautiful friendship John and Prinnie have! We’re sure that this dog’s visits to the nursing home always brighten the man’s day.

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