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“When You Move Down The Street From Your Parents’ House And Their Dog Comes To See You Every Day”

A small grey dog sitting on the welcome mat outside the door.

When Lexie moved into a home near her parents, she had no idea that their dog would become such a frequent visitor. However, she and her kids aren’t complaining! Meet Stan, the adorable pooch who shows up on his human sister’s doorstep pretty much every day. Apparently, her kids call the dog “Uncle Stan.” Isn’t that cute?

Lexie shared the sweetest video of her parents’ dog on TikTok. She included clip after clip of her opening the door to find Stan waiting patiently on the front stoop. Like any good uncle, this pooch loves spending time with his niece and nephew. It helps that they always have plenty of treats on hand!


We are so lucky to have this Uncle in our lives and to be able to share him with you! ❤️ #unclestan #minischnauzer #dogsoftiktok

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“A little rain or snow doesn’t stop him from making these visits,” Lexie wrote in her video. “We always make sure he gets a ride home after his visit.”

Uncle Stan comes by pretty much every chance he gets!

This TikToker loves getting to see her parents’ dog every day, but even she’ll admit that the pooch’s timing isn’t always optimal. One night, Lexie found Uncle Stan on her front stoop in the middle of some very rainy weather! However, she explained in her caption that he hadn’t stopped by in a few days, so he was probably missing his niece and nephew. We’re sure he can be forgiven for that, even if his sister did have to dry him off before letting him into the house!


This little stinker came for a late night visit in the pouring rain 🥹 he typically doesn’t come at night but we hadn’t seen him in about 3 days (he’s had lots of visitors at his house over the weekend) so I think he missed us. Saw an opportunity and ran with it! Literally 😂 I love him so much

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In another video about the sweet dog, Lexie shared that her parents’ house can feel a little empty now that the kids have grown up. That’s part of the reason that Uncle Stan stops by so often, in all types of weather!

“He grew up in a house filled with kids and now that everyone is grown up he gets super lonely,” she said.

We’re so glad that Lexie lives near her parents so that she can spend more time with this adorable dog!

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