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This Toddler’s Best Friend Is A Crow & Their Friendship Is The Cutest

A toddler, who has a pacifier in his mouth, carefully pets a crow whose mouth is open wide to make a noise.

When Laerke’s boyfriend rescued a sickly crow, the two of them never would have guessed that they just met her toddler’s future best friend. They tried to get the bird help with a wildlife rehabilitator, but when that didn’t work out, they took matters into their own hands. With time, the bird, who they named Russell, healed. But once he was able to fly away, he decided that he’d never stray too far from home.

In turn, Russell continues to watch little Otto grow. Over time, they’ve only gotten closer. In fact, when Otto goes outside to play, there’s a good chance that his crow friend will be there to join in on the fun. Meanwhile, Mom is always around to supervise their interactions, making sure her little one stays safe. Now, folks across the world are in love with this unexpected friendship!

“Otto has never been scared of Russell,” Laerke says. “Russell would only allow Otto to pet him. Whenever I tried, he would leave.”

Russell and Otto’s friendship isn’t restricted to being outside. Whenever Otto can be seen near the window, the crow will often hop onto the sill. Sometimes, Russell will even get an invite to join them inside. From here, these adorable besties are able to enjoy a nice show on the TV!

Toddler and Kind Crow’s Wholesome Friendship Melts Hearts

A toddler leans against a wall inside his home. He's looking out of a glass door that leads to the backyard. It's raining outside. The toddler's crow friend is standing outside just at the door.

Not everyone is cut out to have such a close relationship with a wild bird, but now, Laerke’s family can’t imagine life without their feathered friend!

“Russell is a big part of our family now,” she shares. “He’s here everyday … He allows us to interact with nature in a way that most people are not able to — we’re his flock.”

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