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Watching This Dog Eat Shredded Cheese Is The Funniest Thing You’ll See All Day.

This video is, in one word, hilarious!

Dogs are well-known gluttons of anything edible, although batteries, spare change, and other questionable “delicacies” frequently make it down the hatch as well. Most of what they eat is already cut down into bite-size pieces — or it is by the time they’re done ripping it apart, anyway.

Trying to gobble down a handful of shredded cheese that’s being released in a flood above your head, however, presents an interesting challenge… But a Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Hutch is certainly willing to give it the old college try!


“Hutchie, sit,”his owner, Rachel Rollston, says, dangling a couple ounces of cheese above his nose. “Ready?â€

Please release the cheese.


Hutch is like a real-life, canine version of one of those Hungry Hungry Hippo games. And see that hole in the linoleum behind him?


How much you wanna bet Hutch was trying to dig out some embedded cheese?

Rachel shared the 18-second video on a Facebook page for Chesapeake Bay Retriever lovers last month, and it’s a massive hit, with nearly 45,000 shares so far. Anyone who’s watched the video by now has probably gone out and bought a bag of cheddar to see how their own pups react:


But don’t worry, all that cheese won’t go to his thighs because he and Rachel aren’t what you’d  call couch potatoes:


Shredded cheese is definitely at the top of the list the next time I go to the store, how about you? Watch the antics in the clip below, and remember to share to spread more laughter!

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