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Mom Won’t Stop Interrupting 5-Yr-Old’s YouTube Tutorial & It Only Gets Funnier.

When you live in a busy household with children, it’s hard to get a moment’s peace.

Every parent can tell you that it’s difficult to perform even the simplest tasks when you’ve got kids constantly interrupting you. Sometimes it seems like the second you sit down and open up your laptop, there’s someone tapping you on the shoulder with their sticky jelly-fingers, letting you know they just crammed something large down the toilet and there’s water everywhere. (For example.) Or the minute your friend wants to have an actual adult conversation, your kid suddenly has to tell you all about that Minecraft world he just created. It’s constant!

So every once in a while, it’s nice to see a kid getting a taste of his own medicine.


Elijah Chaote is a cute little five year-old from San Diego, California. Like many children, Elijah loves to build with Legos, and he thinks he’s got the chops to drop some serious knowledge to the YouTube world about his Lego-building skills.

In the family’s computer room, Elijah has set up his camera and is ready to start his tutorial. There’s just one problem… his family is home, and they are ALL up in his business.


First him mom pops in, and when she sees he’s making a video she has a few adjustments to make. After helping him get set up, however… she sticks around to bug him just a little bit. Just ‘cuz. Minutes later, his little sister does what little sisters do best, and gets in on the action.

He even tries to block the windows with blankets, but they still get through.


At first, Elijah is okay with the interruptions. He even thinks they’re kinda-sorta funny.  But soon, this stuff is starting to get a little old!

“I’m doing this because I keep getting interrupted by my mom,” he explains. “Yes, my mom.”


Elijah is used to this kind of thing, because he’s got five, count ’em, five sisters at home. We guess he’s just not used to his mother being a part of the problem!

Check out Elijah’s funny reaction in the video below, and be sure to share this video with any parent who knows what it’s like to be constantly interrupted at home!

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