Couple Gave Up Hope On Aging Dog Lost In Mountains, 9 Months Later A Miracle Happens.

An elderly Chesapeake Bay Retriever with an extremely strong will to live has been reunited with her owners, nine months after she disappeared during a hunting trip in southwest Idaho.


Darwin and Cindy Cameron had traveled in a camper with Mo to Horseshoe Bend for the trip, but their beloved family member took off one day in mid-September– and never came back. Desperate to find her, the couple stayed in the area for three months, searching to no avail. As fall slipped into winter and heavy snows began to fall, their hopes of finding Mo dimmed.


They eventually returned home and, though they occasionally received tips of possible sightings, none of them panned out. So the couple was understandably wary when they were contacted by Cheri Glankler late last month.

Glankler has spent decades rescuing dogs and told the Camerons she’d found an elderly Chesapeake Bay Retriever at a ranch near Horseshoe Bend. She was starving and covered with fleas and ticks, so “there’s no way someone was taking care of her,”she said.



Glankler posted pictures of the retriever on a local Facebook page dedicated to lost pets, and the post eventually found its way to the Camerons. She’d lost nearly half her body weight and the only way they would know it was Mo would be to travel out to Glankler’s home and get a first-hand look.

With so many false reports over the last nine months, they were afraid to get their hopes up.


Having gone through some serious trauma, Mo’s reaction to seeing her owners was understandably subdued. But they knew it was her. Their suspicions were confirmed when, despite her advanced age, she took off like a bullet whenever she spotted a squirrel, something Mo had always done.

Idaho Statesman

Mo is now safe and sound back home, and the Camerons can’t express enough gratitude to everyone who helped with the search.

“The sheriff’s office, the hunters who set aside their tags and their hunting trips to help look for a lost dog,”Darwin said. “Boy, we’re blessed to have her back.â€

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