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Meet This Tiny Green Spider With The Cutest “Googly Eyes”

googly eye spider

One of the cutest animals on Earth is a little smaller than you might expect. It’s the magnolia green jumping spider and its googly eyes are about as adorable as a person could hope!

This itty-bitty spider is bright green in color and bold in expression. As someone who is intensely afraid of bugs… I can tolerate looking at this spider long enough to write this article! In fact, I might even be able to enjoy the sweetness a little bit.

About the spider

This googly eye spider swaps all the spooky for adorable with her precious expression. Her scientific name is the Lyssomanes viridis, but in her house, she just goes by Aloe!

The account that posted her has quite a few special spiders and, when another spider passed, Aloe jumped in to partner with another one of the spiders in the family.

I’m sure Aloe is going to love having a friend!

But before you go looking for one of these spiders, take some time to learn about the environments they thrive in. True lovers of the magnolia tree, the magnolia green jumper loves a warm, moist climate.

This image is from Instagram.

What people are saying

Folks took to the comments to express their obsession with this googly eye green spider.

“Oh my gosh how adorable! I love her name too,” commented one spider fanatic. “I would love to have one of these someday.”

“Omg I want one! They’re so adorable,” said another. This sweet little spider just might jump on your list of favorite animals. (Listen, I didn’t expect me to say that either).

Be sure to check out the video of this beautiful spider to see its googly eyes in action. They look almost holographic!

What do you think — would you ever want to keep a sweet little spider as a pet?

The featured image for this post is from Instagram.

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