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Divers Risk Their Lives To Save Five Whale Sharks Tangled In Fishing Net.

A scuba diver saving a whale shark from a fishing net.

When five whale sharks found themselves entangled in a huge fishing net, a team of courageous divers came to the rescue! This setup off the coast of Indonesia wasn’t intended to capture these massive creatures, which are considered an endangered species. However, it seems that they wandered in by mistake. Luckily, the scuba divers knew how to handle the situation!

Underwater footage of the rescue shows divers painstakingly extricating the trapped whale sharks, setting many smaller fish free in the process. Once the animals were untangled, they swam away seemingly none the worse for wear. Although this video was captured in March 2023, it wasn’t available online until much later.

A whale shark trapped in a fishing net before being rescued.
Screengrab from YouTube

According to Men’s Journal, what happened to these rescued whale sharks is referred to as incidental bycatch, and it’s hardly an isolated case. Fishing gear is actually a huge threat to these animals, even when it’s not targeted at them. Unfortunately, even though they’re endangered, some people still hunt these creatures outright. It’s a shame, especially since their disposition has earned them the nickname “gentle giants.”

A scuba diver saving a whale shark from a fishing net.
Screengrab from YouTube

Consequences of incidental bycatch can be truly upsetting, but we’re grateful for the people who step in to help. Thanks to the efforts of this brave rescue team, at least these five whale sharks will live to swim another day.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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