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Daycare’s Sign Stops Mom In Her Tracks, But Its Brutally Honest Message Is Going Viral.

sign and mom

There’s no such thing as a perfect parent– or a perfect family— and sometimes busy moms and dads just need a break from the kids. An easy way to escape, can be picking up the phone; calling a friend or looking at social media may seem harmless, but it can be so discouraging for children when they see Mom or Dad, time and time again, choosing a cell phone over them.

Workers at a Houston, Texas daycare noticed this happening in the carpool line, and it upset them so much that they decided to do something about it. They put out a sign directed to parents, encouraging them to get their priorities straight.

A mom named Juliana Farris Mazurkewicz saw the sign when she was picking up her kids and shared a photo of it to Facebook, saying “Posted at the daycare today!”


Juliana’s photo quickly went viral! She posted it on Friday, and it has already been shared over 1 millions times!

While some parents were offended by the daycare’s harshness in expressing their point, the response to the sign has been overwhelmingly positive.

“I thought it was awesome, said Juliana of the sign. “I thought it was funny and it definitely made me think.”

Many parents commenting on the photo have added that this sign is not only a great reminder for the daycare carpool line, it’s an important reminder for every moment with your precious kids.

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